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Empowering Change: A Sierra Leonean Graduate’s Inspiring Journey.

Tuazama Communication and Media Department

Sierra Leone, a nation with a rich history and immense potential, has faced its share of challenges. Poverty, political instability, and limited access to quality education have hindered progress. However, amidst these difficulties, a recent graduate from the Tuazama Universal Leadership Academy (TULA), also known as the Tuazama Leadership School of Management (TULSOM), is determined to ignite transformation.

Tejan Macavoray: A Beacon of Hope

Meet Tejan Macavoray, a young visionary who believes that change begins with education. Tejan’s heart beats for his country, Sierra Leone, and he is determined to use every skill acquired at Tuazama Universal to effect change. Tejan recently completed his studies at TULA, an innovative tuition-free learning academy based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with satellite locations in many countries, including Sierra Leone. He went through 14 months of rigorous studies and received his master's in business administration certificate, known as the MBA certificate.

The Tuazama Universal Leadership Academy (TULA)

Before we delve into Tejan’s mission, let’s explore TULA, aka TULSOM. Founded by Owen Kanwen Johnson Tuazama, TULA provides practical career development education and training. Tuition-free and open to all, TULA focuses on leadership skills, community service, and volunteerism. Whether you’re in Philadelphia or an international learner, TULA welcomes you to its unique learning environment.

Tejan’s Journey Back To His Roots

Tejan’s passion for change led him back to children and youth, where he started. Armed with an MBA certificate from TULA/TULSOM, he embarked on a mission to inspire young minds. His destination was a local school in Freetown, where eager students awaited his words.

The School Visit: A Turning Point

Tejan stood before the students, their eyes wide with curiosity. His voice resonated through the open air as he shared his story—a story of resilience, hope, and unwavering determination. Here’s what he told them:

“Sierra Leone is our canvas, and we are the artists. We hold the brush, and our actions paint the future. Poverty, corruption, and inequality—these are the shadows we must erase. But how? By being the change we seek.”

Urging Students to Be Catalysts

Tejan emphasized that change isn’t a distant dream; it’s a daily choice. He urged the students to:

  1. Dream Big: Imagine a Sierra Leone where every child has access to quality education, where healthcare reaches the remotest villages, and where corruption is replaced by integrity.

  2. Act Boldly: Tejan challenged them to volunteer and participate in community projects. “Small acts,” he said, “ripple into waves of transformation.”

  3. Lead fearlessly: “Leadership isn’t about titles,” Tejan declared. “It’s about influence. Be the voice that uplifts, the hand that helps, and the heart that cares.”

The Ripple Effect

Tejan’s words didn’t fall on deaf ears. Inspired by his passion, the students pledged to create positive change that would fuel a brighter future for Sierra Leone.


As Tejan returned home, he carried with him the students’ hopes and dreams. His mission continues—to empower young leaders, transform communities, and rewrite Sierra Leone’s narrative. Tejan Macavoray reminds us that education isn’t just about acquiring degrees and knowledge; it’s about using that knowledge to shape a better world.

So, the next time you see a young graduate with a fire in their eyes, remember Tejan. He is more than a graduate; he’s a catalyst for change.

About the author:

The Tuazama Communication Department believes in the power of stories to inspire and transform. We write daily updates on the positive actions of our students and graduates.

Disclaimer: This article is the work of Tuazama Media Group, with the help of CP.


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